It is easy for any business to neglect cleaning in favor of completing tasks for the company and clients. Cleaning an office is time-consuming and can disrupt the flow of work. It might seem like an unkempt office doesn’t affect business, but that is not the case. Hiring janitorial services in NYC alleviates the need for your employees to clean, which will free them up to do the job they were hired for. Office Cleaning Service NYCA happy worker and a clean office is the right combination for a successful business. We will be going over some facts about dirty spaces and why a clean office matters.

  1. Watercooler buttons are considered a place for illness transmission. When people are spending a good portion of time in an area together, the things in those places tend to get covered in germs and bacteria. A clean office is a healthier office.
  2. Office telephones are one of the dirtiest things in an office. Phones can have up to 25,000 germs per square inch.
  3. Some studies suggest that an office desk can be as dirty, if not dirtier, than a toilet seat.
  4. Surfaces that are not regularly disinfected can have bacteria grow up to 31% per day.

Office Cleaning Service NYC

There is much to clean in an office, and that should not be the responsibility of your employees. We are an office cleaning company in New York City. Our office cleaning services in NYC are the best way to keep your office spotless and workers happy.

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