How much does your company/business care about its environmental footprint? It is hard to ignore issues associated with global warming, and as a result, clients/customers are demanding so much more from their products and the businesses they shop with. The thing about becoming a green business is that there are many things your business should do. First, you want to create or provide services that are environmentally friendly and conscious. It would help if you thought about packaging, shipping, and more. All these little things combined make a big difference for our planet.

One simple thing a business can do is often overlooked: green cleaning. Does your janitorial service NYC conduct green cleaning? Before we talk about the benefits of this type of cleaning, it is important to understand what it is.

Office Cleaning New York

Green cleaning uses a combination of cleaning techniques, products, and gear. Each aspect is carefully designed to preserve the environment and human health. For instance, all green cleaning products are made from eco and human-friendly ingredients. They are not toxic to touch or breathe in but still do an amazing job of cleaning and disinfecting. Harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleach are not needed to get things shiny and clean.

Air pollution in a dirty office can be just as bad as air pollution outside. In an office or space with adequate ventilation, people will breathe in the fumes from whatever chemical cleaner is used. In a situation like this, hazardous chemicals have nowhere to go, so they begin to accumulate in the office for everyone to breathe. Moving to green cleaning can reduce illness, allergy, and asthma symptoms by up to 50% by making this simple switch.

To find out more about green cleaning in your office, you should reach out for the best janitorial services NYC has to offer.

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