Sometimes there’s a difference of opinion, and sometimes one idea is better for literally every reason. This is very much the case when it comes to green cleaning. The best janitorial services NYC has will offer high-quality green cleaning.

Janitorial Services NYC

Here is why green cleaning is better for an office in NYC. Spoiler alert: they all protect & improve health and save money. Call us for great green office cleaning in NYC.

  • Conventional cleaners are toxic. They go into the air, the water, and are transferred to you when you breathe, drink, or touch the surfaces cleaned with them. Green cleaning agents are just as effective and remove the risk of chemical danger.
  • Conventional cleaners alter your immediate surrounding environment in ways you won’t like. The chemicals in non-green cleaners alter the chemical nature of whatever it’s used on, especially when there’s any amount of moisture. These chemical changes create smells, corrosion, and environments for new and different infestations.
  • Green cleaners protect you and your employees. Sick building syndrome has been well documented for over a decade, and chemical contaminants are a significant contributor. Green products for your office or janitorial staff have a steady record of reducing total sick days taken by staff, so you get all that productivity back.
  • You won’t help create super-bugs. Frequent use of hand sanitizer and other broad spectrum bacteria killers are doing more harm than good. Bacteria evolve quickly, and they come back stronger the more you beat them back with chemicals. Green products create a safe, healthy clean without the harsh disinfectants.
  • Green cleaning is sustainable. Sustainable products end up being cheaper long term. They’re largely plant-based which makes the resources that make them up very easily reproduced without any chemistry, mining, or international trade.

Janitorial Services NYC

More and more, people are choosing jobs, cars, restaurants, and clothing based on, at least in part, by how environmentally responsible products and services are.

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