What does an office need to do to keep their carpets looking and smelling fresh/clean? Those who are not professional office cleaners might suggest that nightly vacuuming is more than enough to keep carpets clean. janitorial services in nycThose who know more about cleaning carpets know that vacuuming is only part of the battle of maintaining clean floors.
First, keeping your carpet clean does more than increase aesthetics and worker morale; keeping clean carpets reduces the need for replacing old and dirty materials. At a certain point, carpeting can get damaged so much that no amount of cleaning will make it look new. Spending extra time and care for deep cleaning allows for carpets to last much longer.
Vacuuming is necessary, but the machines can only clean about 85% of dust and dirt in an office. A vacuum cannot remove pathogens that are growing under the carpet (mold, mildew, bacteria). A vacuum also does very little for cleaning stains. Our janitorial services offer full-in-depth carpet cleaning.
If you notice stains, smells, or dirt on your carpet, give us a call. We can help restore carpeting to its former glory. Our services will also prevent carpeting from getting dirty and damaged. Office cleaning Manhattan must have deep carpet cleaning.

Finding the best office cleaning New York has is easy when you look outside your office for help. Call today to find out how our janitorial services in NYC can keep your office clean.

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