Is a clean office space good enough to keep employees healthy and keep customers happy? Traditionally, a simple answer of yes would have been more than enough. Because of COVID-19, it is important to know exactly what cleaning is and how it differs from sanitizing and disinfecting. Being proactive against dirt, bacteria, and viruses is essential in conducting business in NYC. Today, for a business to survive, they need the best janitorial services NYC offers.

Janitorial Services NYC
  • Cleaning – the purpose of cleaning is to remove debris, like dirt and dust, from surfaces. This is done by scrubbing, washing, rinsing, and vacuuming. After a space is clean, it’ll look new and inviting, but that is because we cannot see bacteria and viruses that are left behind.
  • Sanitizing – This process reduces the overall amount of bacteria that. The method does not kill all bacteria, and in fact, it reduces bacteria only to the amount specified on the product label.
  • Disinfecting – This process destroys viruses and bacteria, like rhinovirus and influenza. Disinfecting works on hard, nonporous surfaces.

Because of COVID-19 and our new hypersensitivity to bacteria, disinfecting is more important than ever. The best janitorial services NYC can provide you with highly prioritized cleaning and total disinfecting. The only way to beat COVID-19 is to be proactive and stop it dead in its tracks.

If your business used to get by with a surface cleaning every so often, it is time for you to reevaluate your needs and what a great janitorial service provides a business.

Janitorial Services NYC

A clean and disinfected office space is a healthier place to work, which means employees are less likely to call out sick or suffer from allergy symptoms. A clean office is also widely thought to be a more productive workplace. Studies suggest that a dirty office brings down employee morale, leading to poor work performance.

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