If you had to pick the dirtiest place in an NYC office space, what would you choose? The two most common answers are bathrooms and kitchens. Although these areas get dirty and covered in bacteria, there is another area that deserves consideration and extra time cleaning. The dirtiest spot in your office might be where you are sitting now—at your desk, using your computer. This is especially the case when you have multiple people all sharing a desk.

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If a person coughs or sneezes, those particles will drift around in the air and some will land on a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Airborne dust also makes its way onto these areas as well. It would be best if you also considered what a person was touching before touching their mouse or keyboard. If an employee eats at their desk, they then have to worry about crumbs. A mouse, monitor, and keyboard are hotbeds for dirt, bacteria, and dust. If they are not cleaned appropriately and methodically, dirt and bacteria build up.

Our janitorial services in NYC will take time and consideration when cleaning these areas. We recognize why these areas should be clean, and we know how to do it properly.

We typically use compressed air to clean out keyboards. This air can clean out debris that is stuck between keys. We do not like to take keyboards apart because it can damage keyboards. We then use special pads to clean the surface of keys, killing germs and bacteria.

When cleaning a mouse, we clean the gunk from in-between buttons, while also disinfecting the rest of the mouse.

A clean desk makes for a happier and healthier employee. Our office cleaning in New York City makes sure that desks are spotless and germ-free. For the best office cleaning NYC has, you should give our team a call today.

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