No business can run without good employees, strong management, financial backing, and a good business model. There is no getting around needing the above elements for a successful business, but those are not the only things. One thing that is just as important as good employees is strong and delicious coffee. Can you imagine walking into an office at 9:00 AM and not a single person had a cup of coffee? It is not uncommon for employees and managers to live on coffee throughout the work week. Coffee keeps people energized, but it also stains clothing, floors, and desks.

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Coffee doesn’t dry like water. There are similarities, such as they will both leave marks on carpets, but a coffee stain is worse than a watermark. Coffee is made up of thousands of tiny, spherical particles. The shape and the size of the particles allow coffee to seep into carpets more so than some other liquid.

You may have noticed that the perimeter of a spill is darker than the center. When coffee dries, water on the thinner edges evaporate quicker, which allows for the spill to shift its mass from the center to the outside where evaporation has begun. As it moves, the mass carries micro-drops that are already dried. These dried particles make up the new edges of the stain, but these dense edge stains are difficult to remove.

Janitorial Services NYC

Our team will help to remove coffee stains from carpets and other surfaces. For the best office cleaning New York City has, please give us a call. The longer stains sit, the harder they will be to remove. After a prolonged period, it may be impossible to completely remove the stains, which means to clean the floor carpeting must be replaced. Save your money and hire our janitorial services in NYC.

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