Janitorial Services NYCRoutine office cleaning is essential for keeping an office spotless and safe. However, routine office cleaning is not enough to ensure everything is up to par. At the start of each new season in Manhattan, it is recommended that you take the time and energy to do seasonal deep cleans. In a home, we often call it Spring cleaning, but for a place with high traffic and requiring severe business, one season is not enough.

What does seasonal cleaning entail?

First, this type of cleaning is considered deep cleaning. During this time, floors are waxed or steamed (depending on the surface material), furniture is moved, and windows are polished. Excessive documents and junk are trashed so that the office looks, feels, and smells like it has been just moved into. Upholstery is also cleaned and freshened.

Why should you hire seasonal cleaning in NYC?

The best janitorial service NYC provides works hard to give office spaces a firm surface clean. The time, energy, and money associated with deep cleaning floors and chairs every night are too much for most businesses to handle. A surface clean only goes so far that things slowly build up with time. Rather than spending the money doing this weekly or monthly, it can be successfully done four times a year (at the beginning of each season).

Janitorial services in NYC boost employees’ morale as they spend long hours in the office. A clean space is often a comfortable and productive space.

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