If you keep office furniture in a high traffic area, there is a very likely chance that something will spill on it. The best way to mitigate damaging stains is to employ a professional janitorial service in NYC to clean the office regularly.

When a spill occurs, it is essential to clean the mess right away. The longer the time passes, the harder it is to remove a stain. Professional janitorial services in NYC are well trained on how to remove stains from important office furniture; they know to pre-test a small, inconspicuous areas before cleaning the original stain.

Professional janitorial services also know to check the furniture tags for the appropriate cleaning methods.  Different symbols are printed on furniture labels. Each tag has a lettered cleaning code that shows which cleaning method would be best for the fabric. For instance: W means that you can clean the fabric with water-based cleaning products.

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Most office chairs are made out of cloth, mesh, or leather. All three items are relatively easy to clean and are tagged with the appropriate cleaning instructions.

Regular cleaning with keep office furniture looking fresh, clean, and will ultimately provide a happier working environment for employees.

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