The cleanliness of your office or workspace is linked to your employees’ health and efficiency. It also plays a vital role in your clients’ experience. Whether you clean your office yourself or hire a service, these common cleaning mistakes are likely costing you money.

We offer the best office cleaning and janitorial services in NYC.

  • Using appearance or scent as proof of cleanliness: A desk, keyboard, phone, or floor can both look and smell clean while remaining unsanitary. Perfumes and dyes in some cleaning products are common irritants and do nothing to kill the harmful bacteria that end up becoming sick days.
  • The one-size-fits-all cleaner: There are likely more than a dozen different materials that make up the floors, walls, tables, desks, and facilities in your office. One cleaning agent may work correctly on one of them, but damage the finish of another, making it less pleasant for you and your clients while making it more susceptible to bacteria growth.
  • Using dirty stuff to clean things: We’ve all seen the inside of a utility closet that is simply disgusting. Not only unacceptable, it only creates more work to use dirty mops, sponges, water, and rags for cleaning.
  • Being too clean: Some surfaces need daily cleaning, but others will remain perfectly clean and sanitary for a full week, or even a month! Knowing what each surface needs will ensure that time and materials aren’t wasted on work that doesn’t need to get done. Call today for the best office cleaning NYC has.

We clean well. We clean right. Leave that part to use and get back to business!

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