A dirty office often leads to an unproductive work environment. It’s difficult for workers to feel motivated when surrounded by dirt and dust. Additionally, dirt carries bacteria and germs that lead to sickness. A dirty office means more sick days. If your workers are fed up with their dirty office, give us a call for the top janitorial services NYC has to offer.

Janitorial Services NYC

Janitorial Services NYC

When people contact us to get their workspace clean, there are five issues we hear about the most.

The bathrooms are filthy” – Office morale is greatly affected when bathrooms are dirty and smelly. Air fresheners help daily; however, regular cleanings are a must.

We always run out of paper towels” – Ensure paper goods are regularly stocked. Employers and clients don’t want to deal with paper towels, toilet paper, and tissues running out in the middle of the workday.

The trash bins are full” – No one wants to work with overflowing garbage bins. Even a clean space appears dirty with a full container. Empty your bins every day, especially those in the restroom and kitchen.

I see dirt everywhere in the office” – Dust is the number one killer of productivity in the workspace. Dust causes many health issues, which in turn results in sick days for employees.

The carpet is dirty” – Carpets are a magnet for filth, especially heavily-trafficked areas.

Office Cleaning New York City

Stop dealing with these common dirty office complaints and give us a call today. We’re serious about office cleaning New York City.

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