Once you choose to hire the best office cleaning NYC offers, you must then create a schedule. Do you plan to utilize day or night janitorial services? Both types of cleaning offer pros and cons, so it is a matter of understanding your business, employees, and bottom line. Below, we want to highlight a few distinctions between the two cleaning times.

Office Cleaning NYC

As the names suggest, one happens during the day and the other at night. The night begins as soon as an office or space closes, so that can be 5:00 or 6:00 PM. Night cleaning does not always mean it happens late at night. Day cleaning is done while employees are busy at work.

If you manage or own a chaotic office (in how people move around) you may benefit from night cleaning. Having extra staff in your space could create traffic jams causing people to wait or take detours. Employees who need the space and freedom to move around an office unimpeded are complicated when a daytime cleaning crew works.

Night cleaning is ideal for busy and large offices because once many people are enclosed in a space, that space slowly gets dirty. Having the best daytime office cleaning NYC offers ensures that bathrooms and kitchens remain clean and sanitary throughout the day, despite being used by many people.

Day cleaning is slower than night cleaning. A job that requires three hours at night often takes longer because of working around people.

If you notice that your office needs much work by the end of the day, you could benefit from daily cleaning. If the space is looking okay by the end of the day, you can opt for night janitorial services in NYC.

It may be best to have a conversation with the team you hire because prices could change depending on when work is completed.

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