Janitorial Services NYCRegardless of the footage of a space, no two office spaces are the same. Because of the difference between offices, each business must custom design cleaning schedules that will keep their area spotless and sanitary. A clean room is vital for a thriving business, but not all places need to the same amount of cleaning. We can help you determine the needs of your space so that we can customize a cleaning plan that is unique to your business, employees, and area. Office cleaning in NYC is essential for companies to succeed.

The minimum amount of recommended cleaning is once weekly. A weekly cleaning focuses on removing dust and sanitizing surfaces. Minimal amounts of cleaning are usually not sufficient for a business office. Some of the things that you must consider as an office manager are:

The amount of human traffic in an office. Smaller spaces that only have a few employees and do not entertain clients do not need as much cleaning as offices that are brimming with life. Heavy-traffic in offices calls for multiple washings per week.

What rooms do you have in your office? If you have a simple space with a few offices and some cubicles, you will require less cleaning. For office spaces with lounges and kitchens, they will need more frequent cleaning. Areas that have their own bathrooms or lobbies should be cleaned daily.

Types of upholstery, furniture, floors, and walls. If you have an open space, dusting and sanitizing can be done more quickly. Carpeted floors require more work than linoleum, wood, or tile. Depending on what you have in your space will help to determine how much cleaning is appropriate for your business.

Janitorial Services NYC

The best way to create a unique schedule is to call us and talk through your needs. Our talented team can help you create a custom cleaning plan. Let us be your first call to janitorial services NYC.

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