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Simply put, it is possible to ruin carpeting while trying to clean it. If the correct tools are not used in proper ways, substantial damage can be done. Unfortunately, spills and messes do not usually appear in areas that are easy to cover up, which means that business owners must work diligently to keep their carpeted floor clean and looking new. Leaving highly visible areas dirty shows your customers that you do not care about details. Having your employees cleaning carpets is a sure way to destroy carpets.

We provide office cleaning in NYC, and we specialize in cleaning and maintaining carpeting. Our talented team knows all the common mistakes to avoid ensuring that the job is done right the first time.

The most common errors that individuals make while cleaning carpets are:

  • Using the wrong cleaning solutions- you must get carpet specific cleaners, and for particular types of fabrics you must be even more specific. Other soaps are made with bleach and acids, which will stain and harm materials.
  • Improper use of carpet deodorizer- deodorizers are commonly mistaken for cleaners and this is not the case at all. In fact, the deodorizer tends to stay behind because standard vacuums are not robust enough to pick the substance up. Leaving deodorizer on for too long can discolor carpeting.
  • Leaving stains for too long can make them permanent; regardless of how much time is spent cleaning.

Janitorial Services NYC

Our janitorial service in NYC can handle all types of floors and stains. Regardless of the materials covering your floors, we can help keep them  become spotless.

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