When at work in an office, it is easy for employees or management to neglect certain aspects of cleaning. Work can be hectic, and when that happens cleaning tends to fall by the wayside. A clean office is an essential part of the business because a dirty office is usually an unproductive office. Office Cleaning Service New York CityEmployees need a clean desk, as well as a clean kitchen and bathroom. Employees and customers also need a clean and waxed floor.

Floor waxing is usually an undervalued part of office cleaning. Floors are prone to dirt, debris buildup, and dings. Without being appropriately treated, floors can become damaged and stained, which requires them to be replaced. Our janitorial services in New York will keep your floors cleaned and waxed.

First, we will clean and dry floors. It would be best if you never waxed a floor before rinsing it thoroughly. Waxing a dirty floor makes the floor permanently dirty. Wax seals in any debris that is left on the floor.

Cleaning and waxing floors will take time, so you must make sure to allocate the appropriate time for it. Our office cleaning crews will come in before the workday or after to ensure that no business time is wasted.

Waxing a floor occasionally is better than nothing, but it may not be enough to keep your floors pristine. You must make sure to dust, mop, sweep, and vacuum on a regular basis so that dirt does not settle or stain. A properly maintained floor will be waxed roughly twice a year.

Office Cleaning Service New York City

Our professional office cleaning services in New York City will ensure that your floors will remain clean regardless of the material and how much it is used. Focus your attention on working and we’ll focus on keeping your floors looking brand new.

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