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When thinking about janitorial services NYC, one might envision a cleaning crew coming to an office after regular working hours. After the employees of the business leave, the janitorial services will enter the office space. There are benefits to cleaning during the evening, but trends are changing in the cleaning industry. Both commercial and residential cleaners are opting for day cleaning. You may be asking yourself, what is day cleaning? Simply put, it is hiring janitorial services in NYC to clean during daylight hours as opposed to overnight.

  1. Cleaning during the day makes it easier for our crew to clean more efficiently and quickly. Being able to see allows for better disinfecting, dusting, and garbage removal. These tasks are quiet and, so they tend not to disturb those working inside the office.
  2. Cleaning during the day is more environmentally friendly than cleaning at night. Leaving lights on all night will eventually attribute to a higher energy bill. This drain on energy is terrible for your bottom-line and the environment. It is projected that up to three percent of total electricity can be saved by cleaning in this method.
  3. Cleaning during the day will save your business money. As mentioned above, less energy use equals a smaller energy bill. Larger businesses can see a saving of more than $10,000 annually.
  4. Cleaning during the day will increase employee and client confidence. Most people tend to say that having day cleaning keeps the office cleaner. A clean office raises morale and keeps people healthy.

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Janitorial Services NYC