While the summer months have a lot of benefits, one huge disadvantage is the infestation of pests. It’s common to see bugs in your workspace when the weather warms. An infestation of bugs is a nuisance and can affect staff productivity. The best way to stop bugs from entering the office is by keeping a clean workspace. Hiring the best janitorial services New York City offers will keep your office clean and help keep the bugs away.

Janitorial Services New York City

Hiring professional office cleaning in New York City is a cost-effective way to provide a healthy environment for your employees and clients. Issues such as spilled food, dirty desks, unclean bathrooms, and contaminated water sources can lead to pest infestation. Luckily, these are all problems that a professional cleaning service can address.

When it comes to keeping bugs away, we will focus on three main areas of the office:

  • Food Spills – It’s not enough to clean the area around dust bins to keep bugs away. If your employees eat at work, whether in a breakroom or at their desk, they’re bound to leave crumbs. Bugs will find even the smallest remains of someone’s lunch. We will clean countertops, desktops, tabletops, carpets, and hard floors to remove any food spills.
  • Garbage Bins – Food waste is one of the biggest causes of pest infestations. Always keep a lid on waste bins. An open and full bin is a breeding ground for bugs and other pests. We utilize cleaning agents to clean the area around dust bins properly.

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