Unfortunately, wherever there are people, there are germs.  The dirtiest places in the world are often the areas we frequent the most. Office buildings are filled with germs that employees unknowingly carry around the office.  Desks chairs, computers, and door handles are all subject to bacterial and viral growth from one sick employee. Fortunately, with frequent cleaning from a professional office cleaning in NYC office sickness can be drastically decreased.

Janitorial Services in NYC

The places that have the highest accumulation of germs are known as touch points. Touch points are any area of an office that people touch directly. For example, a touch point can be a computer mouse, screen, counter, coffee pot, water fountain, and so on.  These areas need to be disinfected regularly because they are such a hot spot that encourage the growth of germs and pathogens.  A nightly janitorial service in NYC is able to disinfect touch points and reduce the likelihood of office-based sickness.

Another hot bed for viral and bacterial growth is the bathroom. Bathrooms are inherently dirty, and are filled with touch points that can cause sickness. The sink handles, doorknobs, toilet flushers, and paper towel dispensers all have the ability to harbor unwanted germs.  It is important to have a well-trained janitor disinfect bathrooms on a daily basis.

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