NYC is a fantastic place to work, live, and have fun, but it happens to have much dirt, bacteria, mold, mildew, and grime. Considering what the city has to offer its inhabitants, it should be no wonder why office cleaning throughout Manhattan is so essential. Janitorial Services NYCThink about how employees get to work, and what they pick up on their way into the office. What did they step in before walking all over your office’s nice carpeting? What did they sit in when they sat on a public train or bus (MTA has estimated roughly 5.7 million daily riders throughout the five boroughs)? Does your employee ride a bike to work, causing them to get sweaty for the office? How employees in New York City get to work should have managers hiring professional office cleaning in NYC.

A recent study published by Business Insider claims that the two most significant dirt problems in NYC MTA train stations are peeling paint and an absurd amount of trash. The NYC comptroller’s report found that over 95% of MTA stations were not receiving adequate cleanings. The same statement went on to claim that when workers show up to clean, they do not clean the entire track or station. A whopping 12% of the stations evaluated for the report were not vacuumed once throughout a whole year.

Our daily/weekly services allow us to get rid of the dirt and bacteria in your office space, which will keep your office looking immaculate and your employees healthy.

Janitorial Services NYC

Don’t let your workers take dirt, grime, and bacteria into your office. Call our janitorial services in NYC for more information on how we can help you and your employees. Reach out for the best office cleaning New York City has.

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