There is no one who will argue that an office space does not need to be cleaned regularly, but disagreement arises when asking how frequently a space should be cleaned. Coming to terms with a logical cleaning routine will help to ensure that an office space is safe and clean. A janitorial service in NYC can help you to come up with the routine, but prior calling a janitorial service there are certain questions that you need to answer.

How big is the space, and how many people use it? It is important to consider both these questions together, because a large space with few people needs to be cleaned less than a large space with a large amount of people. Knowing the full square footage of the space, having employee lists, and estimating client traffic will help to create a cleaning schedule that works.

What sort of space is provided for your employees? If you have multiple bathrooms, dining areas, or lounges, you will need to make adjustments to a cleaning routine. These spaces tend to create more mess and as a result need to be cleaned more frequently.

Lastly, what sort of surfaces and materials do you have in your space? Carpeting is more time consuming to clean than wood or marble, and this is the same for wood and plastic furniture.

Answering the questions above, and reaching out for office cleaning NYC, will allow you to know how frequently your office needs to be cleaned.

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