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Why is it Important to Maintain Floors During the Winter?

Many of us think of snow as a beautiful thing. When it first Falls on a quiet city street, it has a certain serenity and peacefulness that is hard to find in other settings. Unfortunately, what starts as a beautiful site quickly becomes a mess and a pain in the neck. Commuting to work on city streets that are filled with dirty snow, slush, and freezing puddles is not only dangerous but tends to make the floors of an office space muddy and slippery.


Tips for Winter Cleaning

What are you doing to ensure your office stays clean through short and snowy days? There are certain changes you need to consider to ensure that your office remains clean and sanitary. The best office cleaning New York City has knows just what to do to keep office spaces clean all winter long.


Why do you need to Buff Floors?

Office Cleaning Service in NYC Maintaining the beauty and integrity of certain types of floors (wood, linoleum, marble, etc.) requires more than a simple clean. Using mops, brooms, and vacuums are important parts of maintaining floors, but that is just the first step.


A Clean Office Makes Money

A dirty office will lose money regardless of the product/service that is being sold. There are several factors that go into making clean offices so important for good business practices. It is all too common that owners and managers neglect to create and enforce strict and rigid cleaning regiments, and in most cases this is a detriment to the business.


Reducing Dirt and Germs in an Office Space

Living and working in a city can be an amazing thing. The people, the sights, and the food can all make for an amazing experience. There are, however, downsides to having this experience. Considering the amount of people coming in and out all day, a lot of dirt and germs are present in most places in the city.