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Important Facts and Stats About Office Cleaning in NYC

A clean office is essential. A clean workspace boosts productivity for employees and sets a great first impression for current and future clients. Do not leave the cleaning to your employees. Cleaning takes time and skill. Allow your employees to focus on the job they were hired to do by calling us.


Does it Matter if My Office is Clean?

It is easy for any business to neglect cleaning in favor of completing tasks for the company and clients. Cleaning an office is time-consuming and can disrupt the flow of work. It might seem like an unkempt office doesn’t affect business, but that is not the case.


Don’t Forget Spring Cleaning in Your Office

The start of spring usually signifies a change for many people. The transition from winter to spring is a time for cleaning and getting rid of junk.


Janitorial Services NY: Cleaning Carpets Experts

Vacuuming may seem like an easy task that anyone can do without any training. On the surface it does seem rather simple: the machine is pushed forward, backward, and sideways to remove the dirt from a carpet. However, a lot more goes into vacuuming.